Bhakti Kids Camp

  A fun and devotional bonding experience that your child will cherish and remember....

BHAKTI KIDS CAMP began in 2012 in New Braj and has since been running and growing with enthusiasm.

Our mission, in putting on these bhakti camps for children, is to please our spiritual master Srila Bhaktivedanta Naryana Goswami Maharaja, our grandfather guru Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Svami Prabhupada and the entire Rupanuga Gaudiya disciplic succession. On countless occasions, we have seen our Srila Gurudeva unconditionally give affection to all, encouraging them to deepen their Krsna consciousness. He was especially loving to the children, which he so affectionately called, "my dear sons and darling daughters."

Following under Srila Gurudeva's guidance, we wanted to create a loving and safe environment where children are supported, served and encouraged in their development as spiritually conscious devotees and unique and talented individuals. We want to provide a fun and enriching environment in which they can bond with their peers, have role models to look up to and talk to, learn all sorts of skills and arts with no limits and have lots of recreational fun---all with the mood of bhakti, or loving service at the center of it all.

The staff at Bhakti Kids Camp are volunteers who come from various backgrounds of expertise, yet all of our staff participate because of their love for living a Krsna Conscious lifestyle and their desire to share it with the younger generation in a fun and relatable way. So many make this camp what it is. The counselors, the parents, the children, the local community and the senior Vaisnavas. Although you may not have children or directly participate in Bhakti Kids Camp,  your support and involvement can help this project to continue and thrive.

With Bhakti Kids Camp as a platform, we want to expand into other projects such as gurukulas, afterschool programs and group trips to India.  We can't wait to share this journey with you and your children.